A sourdough twist on café, bakery and pizzeria classics.

The gorgeous texture of sourdough with the intensity of Mediterranean flavour, sealed quickly in the extreme heat of our sourdough oven to retain every nuance of freshness.

We're an informal bunch - we think of our cooking as "throwing it together". But the reviews say it's so much more.

"One of the best places in the area" - TimeOut

"4.5/5 - 94% excellent and very good" - TripAdvisor

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After 5PM, we transform into Battersea's best - and most easy-going! - pizza joint, with pretty much solid five-star reviews in TimeOut.

Our much-loved sourdough oven is a pizza powerhouse. It needs only a two-minute flash of heat to transform our inventive flavour combinations into bracingly tasty sourdough pizza. And it’s good for you, too - no gluten, and the best quality fresh toppings.

And if you don't want the social side of eating out, but you still want to eat something that's good for you, we offer takeaway and home delivery via Deliveroo and Uber Eats.


Our secret is how much we bake and make ourselves. There's a new twist on handcrafted sourdough crumpets each day, alongside our own tried-and-tested improvisations on the classics and the basics: butter, marmalade, jams, hollandaise, and mayonnaise. And every ingredient is local, free-range and organic.

And latecomers? Don't worry, we know how Battersea works. Breakfast and brunch run to 5PM every single day.


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We take our atmosphere seriously at Flour to the People. Especially our music, which is lovingly curated by our owner Adam.

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We're starting a revolution

"Sourdough? Well, when I was a kid in Cyprus, it was just called 'bread'. Because that's how bread was made, before artificial yeasts. When it was good for you!"

From its first day, Flour 2 The People has been on a crusade. 

Probably the first artisanal cafe in the Battersea area, we bought a focus on thrilling tastes and quickfire flavour. And of course we built our own sourdough bakery alongside the cafe - a 400-degree, blastingly crisp oven that transforms our specialist sourdough base into some of the most inviting brunches, breakfasts and pizza you'll ever eat.

But we're not just for foodies. Flour is an intimate cafe run by family, featuring an increasingly devoted crowds of close friends and regulars, Turns out there are a lot of fascinating characters in Battersea, and Thursday through Saturday night they're having  dinner at ours.

Come join the crusade. Sourdough, great buzz, and good people.